0800 Numbers Going Free from 1st July

0800 Numbers Free in 1st July 2015 from Mobie PhonesIt has been recently announced by Ofcom that from the 1st of July 2015, all 0800 calls made from mobile phones will be free. The change is a consequence of an overhaul that is designed to simplify and explain call charges and dialling codes. Presently, dialling a 0800 number from a mobile phone costs the users up to 40p per minute whereas nothing at all when dialled through a landline number. However, once the announced changes will be implemented 0800 calls will be free for all in the true sense.

The impact of this change in the policy will not only be limited to telephone users but it will extend to businesses and retailers as well, especially online businesses. Website owners are expected to witness a significant change in consumer trends which is to have a direct impact on their sales. As explained by an Ofcom representative, the change in the policy does not only relate to adding to users’ convenience but the measure is also targeted at clearing their confusion concerning call charges.

Though many of the consumers are aware of the fact that calling a 0800 from a mobile will entail some cost, but confusion exists concerning the exact amount they are to be charged with. Presently, charges for 0800 numbers when dialled from a mobile phone vary from company to company and hence, users have no clear idea about relevant charges. In the backdrop of such a scenario, the recommended option is to use local numbers for your website. It is the safer option as consumers have a clear idea about the cost of phone calls and this leads to increased trust and reliability. The ultimate result is that a website fares better in terms of website enquiry rate or sales rate.

However, with the introduction of new changes in the policy website owners are in for quite a big change. There are numerous queries that come along with these new changes. There is a growing need for website owners to seek answers to questions like how long will it take before consumers become completely aware of these changes and how will it affect conversion rates.
The ultimate effect of 0800 numbers going free for mobile users would show itself in terms of website conversion rates. Though, the time it takes before the change is really felt largely depends on how long it is before consumers are fully educated about the new policy. But irrespective of the time factor, it is inevitable that once the information is completely seeped in by consumer segments they are eventually going to move towards the use of 0800 numbers. This means that going for 0800 numbers, website owners will be able to boost their sales and increase their conversion rates.

As of now very few may be aware of the recent changes but it may not take too long before a large segment of consumers will come to know about the change in policy. We live in an era dominated by technology and information travels fast today. Hence, consumers are expected to get to know about the concerned changes sooner than you might think.

Also, the no-charge-for-all policy for calling 0800 numbers will lead to increased trust of consumers in these numbers. This will clear any confusion in the minds of consumers and will work for the benefit of both, consumers and website owners. According to Ofcom, research shows that confusion that surrounds the price of making 0800 calls from mobiles leads to a lack of confidence and trust among consumers. As a consequence, consumers are hesitant to make calls to 0800 numbers. But things are expected to change under the new policy. With a defined cost structure and more clarity, 0800 numbers are predicted to be the preferred choice of the consumers. This will result in an increased conversion rate.

Websites today need to decide wisely about the use of 0800 numbers. There are a number of factors to consider and experienced and professional services providers such as www.seoguy.co.uk can be approached to seek assistance in this regard. Though as new changes will come into place, it is obvious that majority will be inclined towards the use of 0800 numbers but professional help can prove to be quite useful in any case.

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